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FAQ & Safety Procedures

There are a number of key safety points our pruners respect when performing services like tree grubbing, trimming, pruning, or cutting, including the following:

  • We make sure that our staff is trained properly so that the equipment is used safely and efficiently. A number of jurisdictions have regulations when it comes to the amount of training necessary before someone can prune or cut down a tree.
  • If bucket trucks or similar vehicles are utilized, then the people operating them need to be properly trained so that the vehicles run safely.
  • Before a tree is pruned, the area is first inspected to isolate potential dangers (for example, nearby power lines, cracked or broken branches that came about after an extreme storm). Appropriate measures are taken to stop accidents or injuries from happening.
  • We bypass indirect or direct contact with supply lines.
  • We will mark a section surrounding a tree and stop spectators from accessing it. Our professionals generally have someone close to the work area for assistance.
  • We recognize disease–weakened trees, as well as trees that are susceptible to cracking.
  • Tree branches are inspected to see how strong they are before any climbing is done. Our professionals look for tree cavities, dead or rotten branches, branch or trunk cracks, broken branches caught in trees, and more.
  • All control lines and equipment are inspected before they are used. Defective and damaged equipment is removed before they are either replaced or repaired.

Dead and small branches are broken manually when our professionals climb a tree. Larger branches are removed with specialized tools.

  • Feet and hands are placed on individual branches, and the climber makes their way up a tree using one foot/hand after another.
  • Nonconductive utilities and customized protective equipment are used when work is performed close to powerlines.
  • Our staff ensures that any cuts made are visible so that no one gets hurt. They will also prevent safety ropes from being unintentionally cut.
  • When ladders are used, they are attached to secure branches for safety’s sake.
  • The tree-cutting projects we work on are never too small or big.

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