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The pruning of trees and shrubs is much more than just pruning branches. Tree pruning is an art based on scientific principles of plant physiology. At its most basic level, the work consists of removing damaged sections of the tree, cutting dead or structurally weak branches, which will improve the health of a tree and reduce the chance of physical or material damage caused by falling branches.

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Pruning shrubs and trees entail more than sawing them down. The art of tree pruning revolves around scientific plant physiology principles. Fundamentally, the work is comprised of taking away damaged tree sections, as well as cutting structurally weak or dead branches. Doing so improves a tree’s health and minimizes the odds of material or physical damage ensuing from a fallen branch.

Our experts are capable of making trees more attractive and safer by way of growth pruning. When pruning is properly performed, the health of plants are improved, growth is stimulated, and aesthetic appeal is added. Pruning – when done right – is important, as amateur pruning or negligence can potentially damage trees rather than maintain them.

Tree pruning must be performed by a professional. As far as plant health and safety go, pruning must be performed by experienced and competent professionals. For those without the right equipment and training, pruning trees may result in an accident (or worse).

No matter how much pruning is required, certain standards are to be followed. The American National Standards Institute developed a series of pruning operation protocols that tree professionals are to abide by. The standards are called “ANSI A300.”

As per the ANSI A300, the following pruning operation guidelines are to be followed:

  • Wood pieces are not to be left lying around.
  • Unnecessary cuts must be eliminated or limited.
  • Full cuts are forbidden.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, only 25% (or less) of total growth per year can be cut.
  • When pruning, other tree parts must not be damaged.
  • The cut is not to be painted on.
  • Cuts must not be made without good reason.

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